Pyser Calibration Standards

Graticules Optics have been manufacturing precision micropattern products at their UK facility for over 60 years. These stage micrometers and calibration standards are used all round the world for calibrating microscopes, imaging systems and co-ordinate measuring equipment. Where you need to have traceability of calibration, Graticules Optics offer certificates of calibration, traceable to International standards.

Accurate measurements are needed to achieve an acceptable level of quality and efficiency across many industries including within the laboratory. The testing of products needs to satisfy both the demands of direct customers and the broader requirements for international trade, including ISO compliance. Measurements should be consistent, reliable and traceable to International or National measurement standards.

The National Measurement System underpins the measurement requirements of industry and ensures that measurements are consistent and traceable, across the world. In the UK, this system comprises the hierarchy of calibration and testing laboratories, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). These laboratories carry out measurements and calibrations for industry traceable to National measurement standards held in the UK’s National Metrology Institute, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The NPL also offers traceable measurements for industry at the highest level of accuracy.

The National Metrology Institutes (NMI’s) work together to ensure world-wide consistency of measurements which are carried out under the auspices of an International diplomatic treaty. The Treaty of the Metre was signed in 1875 whereby Nations agreed, amongst other things, to the setting up of the International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM). Besides establishing the worldwide definitions of physical units, the CIPM organises an ongoing series of key comparisons between NMI’S to support the mutual recognition of measurement standards and calibration certificates. These key comparisons also involve regional metrology organisations, such as EUROMET (EU +EFTA +European Commission), APMP (Asia Pacific Metrology Programme) and SIM (Canada, USA, Mexico plus most Latin, South American and Caribbean states), which act as regional focuses for the growing number of NMI’s throughout the world.

Wherever there is a need for measurements to be traceable for quality purposes, Graticules Optics offer UKAS and NPL certificates of calibration that are internationally traceable, to satisfy the requirements of NIST, DIN and National Metrology Institutes across the world (ISO17025 complaint).

a) Calibration by The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) carries out measurements at selected points on the scales and grids and issues a certificate of calibration. This calibration is Internationally traceable.

b) Calibration by UKAS Accredited Laboratory carries out measurements at selected points on the scales and grids and issues a calibration certificate. This calibration is Internationally traceable.

c) Measurement by Graticules is for applications which do not require the accuracy provided by calibrations carried out by NPL or a UKAS accredited laboratory, Graticules can provide a certificate of comparison. The scale or grid is compared with NPL calibrated in-house standards and a statement is provided on the accuracy of the item with respect to these standards. This calibration is Internationally traceable.

Calibration certification is available:

  • Stage Micrometers and Calibration Slides/Images

  • Calibration Slides for Hardness Testers

  • Calibration Grids

  • USAF Test Chart

  • High Definition Long Linear Glass Scales



S-Range Stage Micrometers

The scale or grid is chrome deposited centrally on a glass disc mounted in a black anodised aluminium slide mount 76mm x 25mm x 1.5mm thick. The metal mount gives these stage micrometers greater durability than those of all glass construction. These products are supplied in a plastic case with foam insert and are intended for general microscope calibration.

PS-Range Stage Calibration Standards

The scale is chrome deposited centrally on a glass disc mounted in a stainless steel slide mount, 76mm x 25mm x1.5mm thick, with a unique serial number engraved in the top surface. These are the products of choice where you need certified scales to have unequivocal traceability for ISO, NIST, DIN or other standards. These products are supplied in a polished wooden case to indicate that they are superior calibration tools.

PS Multi-Image Calibration Slide

This unique artefact provides the most comprehensive solution to calibrating image analysis systems. An array of 16 different patterns and scales to a very high resolution, is chrome deposited on a glass slide, 76mm x 25mm x 1.5mm thick. A unique serial number is etched into the slide.

Calibration Slides for Hardness Testers

Whichever test method you use, be it Vickers, Rockwell or Brinell, Graticules Optics have the ideal calibration slide for you. For many years companies have used products such as the S78 and S1R reflected light stage micrometer scales which give a very straightforward calibration on one axis. Following long discussions with manufacturers of Hardness Testing equipment Graticules Optics has introduced two new products specifically designed for this calibration with shapes to accurately replicate the impression.

PS-Range of Long Scales

Scales from 50mm to 1m in length, chrome deposited on glass substrate, and supplied in a polished wooden case (except 50mm version). Typically used for calibration of linear or two dimensional measuring systems.

PGR Two Dimensional Calibration Standards

Glass plates with 10mm grid squares occupying either 100mm x 100mm or 140mm x 240mm, central area of 20mm further subdivided into 1mm squares. Typically used for calibration of co-ordinate measuring systems.

High Precision Optical Dimension Standards

For customers requiring the ultimate in precision and calibration traceability, Graticules Optics offer the NPL line scales, reference stage graticule, two dimensional position standard and photomask line width standard. These are all supplied with NPL’s Internationally Traceable calibration certificate.


Custom Made Calibration Products - For some customers a standard calibration product may not fulfil their requirements. In this case Graticules Optics are able to offer cost-effective production to custom designs from drawing/specifications or contact us to discuss.