To Order:

1. Order Online  - payment by credit/debit card or paypal
2. Email - Purchase orders and special items 

All orders must be in writing to ensure accuracy. Credit card payments are made through a secure online portal with inbuilt fraud protection. We do not hold any credit card details. 

1. Ordering Online / Click and Collect

  1. 1. First create an account. This is simply an online profile with your shipping details. Anyone can have an account. 




  1. 2. Choose the product and click "add to cart"




3. Specify shipping method

Collect orders are available from Kirwan, Townsville. For a collect order, type "collect" in the discount code box. Once you receive your invoice, your items are ready for collection. 


  1. 4. Checkout and pay


    2. Emailed Purchase Orders

    Please send your written orders to

    Includes Dangerous Goods with complex freight requirements and other items where prices are not listed online. 

    Official orders can be received from
       *All Australian and NZ Universities
       *Australian and NZ Government institutions
       *Australian entities that have a credit account with us

    Payment terms for official purchase orders are 30 days, payment by bank transfer in AUD

    Quotes can generally through the shopping cart.  For further instructions see Quotes

    Pre-paid orders will receive banking details with their order confirmation email. If you wish to pay by credit card, please request a link for secure payment. 

    Ordering Overview

    If you are new to the purchasing system at a University, you may find the following diagram helpful.