Red sable brush

For precise manipulation of TEM specimen grids and samples, dusting of SEM samples and photographic materials or photographic spotting. Sable hairs are springy and relatively fine, which gives them a special place in the microscopist's tools armory. Length of hairs is short for better manipulation.

Enamelled wood handles and seamless nickel ferrules.

All sizes on the picture are available.

M071-04, width and length at ferrule 0.08 x 4.0mm, No. 00000

M071-07, width and length at ferrule 1.0 x 7.0mm, No. 00

M071-09, width and length at ferrule 1.5 x 9.5mm, No. 1

M071-13, width and length at ferrule 2.0 x 13.0mm, No. 3

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 09-08-2022
M071-04 Red sable brush No. 00000 Each 2 weeks AU $29.00
M071-07 Red sable brush No. 00 Each 2 in stock AU $30.00
M071-09 Red sable brush No. 1 Each In Stock AU $31.00
M071-13 Red sable brush No. 3 Each In Stock AU $35.00