Biopsy bags, nylon

These nylon biopsy bags are made for the processing of small pathology tissue samples and cytology aspirates. Tissue samples are placed or filtered into the biopsy bag. The bag is then placed into a tissue cassette and processed as normal. These nylon biopsy bags prevent the loss of small tissue samples.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-07-2022
RBN75-95 Biopsy bags, nylon 75 x 95mm Pack/500 1 in stock AU $521.00
PEL27154-5 Biopsy bags, nylon 30 x 50mm Pack/1000 2 weeks AU $875.00
PEL27154-6 Biopsy bags, nylon 45 x 75mm Pack/200 2 weeks AU $247.00