Datalogging thermometer, 4 channels

This unique portable thermometer displays data from 4 thermocouple probes simultaneously on a large backlit LCD. Automatically records and stores up to 16,000 data points in the field which can later be downloaded to your computer via the bi-directional RS232 port and cable. Graphic software included. Auto ranging with auto power off, min/max and hold functions. Easily calibrates to ice point, or any other standard.
Comes ready to use with 2 beaded wire probes, instructions and a 9V battery, in a protective, foam lined case.

Accuracy: ±0.5% rdg. 1 deg. C
Resolution: <200 deg. = 0.1 deg. , >200 deg. = 1 deg.
Measurement range: -200 ~ 1370 deg. C
Dimensions: 184 x 64 x 30mm
Weight: 238g

Optional accessories
E800003 AC adapter
E800060~77 Type K thermocouple probes
E840089 Rubber holster
E840090 Water resistant instrument pouch
E840092 Bench-top tripod
E840093 Field tripod
E840094 RS232 to USB adapter cable

Available with NIST traceable certificate of calibration - E800024C

Code Title Certificate Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-06-2022
E800024 Datalogging thermometer, 4 channels N/A Each 1 in stock AU $496.00
E800024C Datalogging thermometer, 4 channels NIST traceable certificate of calibration Each 4 weeks AU $541.00