De-Solv-it, citrus-based solvent, pump spray

De-Solv-it cleaner is a highly effective citrus-based solvent for degreasing, dewaxing, adhesive spot and stain removal. In histology this solvent is used as a xylene substitute. De-Solv-it is not Class 3 Flammable (WorkSafe criteria), making it much safer than traditional hydrocarbon solvents.

De-Solv-it cleaner has no overwhelming vapours and requires no expensive additional protective clothing besides gloves and safety glasses. It is biodegradable and water miscible.

De-Solv-it cleaner can be used on many different surfaces: metals, glass, tile/formica, wood surfaces, ceramics, many plastics, carpet, clothing/fabrics. Do not use on silk, suede or leather.

C71-0250 = 2 x 125mL pump spray bottles

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