Diamond grit block

Diamond grit blocks are made using high quality and durable materials. The diamond-impregnated material is attached to a firm sponge backing block that fits comfortably into your hand. The diamond surface covers one face of the sponge which measures: 85 x 55 x 30 mm.
These blocks are useful for grinding and polishing larger pieces that are too difficult to get onto a grinder, or for a quick clean up of minor imperfections. Diamond hand sanding blocks polish better and last longer than emery paper. They work well on alabaster, and are a must when abrading metals or hard stone such as onyx or marble.
Available in grit sizes from 170 to 800, the coarser grades (170) are suitable for grinding and the finer grade (800) is for pre-polishing.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 25-01-2022
M262 Diamond grit block 170 grit each 1 in stock AU $10.00
M264-DWS Diamond grit block 400 grit each In Stock AU $10.00
M266-DWS Diamond grit block 600 grit each In Stock AU $10.00