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Our high quality, affordable range of microscope digital cameras attach to any standard C-Mount screw fitting. If you wish to place your camera through an available eyepiece port, we offer two types of standard eyepiece (23.2mm) adapters - fixed and adjustable. As well as sleeves that slip into non-standard eyepiece tube (30mm, 30.5mm). If you require the existing eyepiece to be par-focal with the camera we suggest you purchase the adjustable adapter. If you have a third party microscope that does not provide a C-Mount then please see the bottom of this page for a list of available adapters for some popular Nikon, Leica, Zeiss and Olympus microscopes.

Feel free to contact us about your set-up and we'll be happy to help.

Cameras include a cable, CD with instructions and excellent, comprehensive software. These cameras use CMOS chips from the best Japanese and American manufacturers. Please be aware that the software included only runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OSX and Linux machines with an available USB 2.0 port.

Please note that the OSX version of the software does not have all of the additional features, eg measuring and calibration, that is included in the Windows version.

For some basic tutorials on how to use ToupView X, please visit the following youtube channel.

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NEW! Software now available for Mac OSX and Linux! If you have previously purchased a camera from us and would like a copy for your Mac or Linux machine please contact us. 

SALE: The manufacturer has given us a big price-break on all CMOS microscope cameras. These are the best selling cameras in Australia and New Zealand; they are now an even greater bargain and worth shipping to anywhere.

Specifications ODCM0130C ODCM0310C ODCM0510C ODCM0900C ODCM1400C
Pixels 1.3MP (Approx.1,300,000 pixels) 3MP (Approx.3,200,000 pixels) 5MP (Approx.5,000,000 pixels) 9MP (Approx.9,000,000 pixels) 14MP (Approx.14,000,000 pixels)
Max resolution(video mode) 1280 x 1024 pixels 2048 x 1536 pixels 2592 x 1944 pixels 3488 x 2616 pixels 4096 x 3288 pixels
Image sensor 1/3" CMOS chip, colour
(Diagonal 8.46mm)
1/2" CMOS chip, colour (Diagonal 8.19mm) 1/2.5;" CMOS chip, colour
(Diagonal 7.13mm)
1/2.4;" CMOS chip, colour
(Diagonal 7.281mm)
1/2.3;" CMOS chip, colour
(Diagonal 7.672mm)
Preview speed/Recording speed 1280 x 1024 15fps,640 x 512 26fps,320 x 256 50fps 2048 x 1536 8fps,1024 x 768 22fps,680 x 510 43fps 2592 x 1944 5fps,1280 x 960 18fps,640 x 480 60fps 3488 x 2616 2fps,1744 x 1308 8fps,872 x 654 27fps 4096 x 3288 1.8fps,2048 x 1644 10fps,1024 x 822 27fps
Imaging area 4.6mm(H) x 3.7mm(V) 6.55mm x 4.92mm 5.70mm x 4.28mm 5.825mm(H) x 4.369mm(V) 6.138mm(H) x 4.603mm(V)
Pixel size 3.6um x 3.6um 3.2um x 3.2um 2.2um x 2.2um 1.67um x 1.67um 1.4μm x 1.4μm
Recording System Still picture and video

Master Clock - Hori. drive frequency 54MHz 48MHz 54MHz 96MHz
A/D 10-Bit parallel, 8-Bit R.G.B 10-Bit parallel, 8-Bit R.G.B 12-Bit on-chip, 8-Bit R.G.B 12-Bit on-chip, 8-Bit R.G.B 12-Bit on-chip, 8-Bit R.G.B
Binning 1x1, 2x2 , 4x4 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 1x1, 2x2, 4x4
Peak Quantum Efficiency 30%

Dynamic range 71dB 61dB 66.5dB 65.2dB 65.3dB
Sensitivity 1.0v/lux-sec @550nm 1.0v/lux-sec @550nm 0.53v/lux-sec @550nm 0.33v/lux-sec @550nm 0.724v/lux-sec @550nm
Spectral Range(Range of wavelength) 400-650nm (with IR cut)

Exposure Time 0.142ms-2000ms 0.128ms-2000ms 0.21ms-2000ms 0.38ms-2000ms 0.4~2000ms

For use with computers with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. These easy to use and very versatile digital cameras are supplied integral with a low power microscope eyepiece (23.2mm DIN standard). They are simply inserted into an eyepiece tube or top tube of a trinocular head. The visual field observed in the camera is up to 90% of the viewing field through the eyepiece. Using the USB2.0 high speed port the camera displays the microscope images continuously on the computer screen in real-time and non-compressed video data and digital photos and movie sequences may be captured.

Prior to capturing an image, all adjustments - colour, contrast, brightness frame-speed - may be optimised. After capture, image files are saved in the desired image-format on the computer's hard drive. Once calibrated using a stage micrometer, the software allows measurement of lengths, angles and areas across microscope images. It is also possible to include a scale marker on micrographs and to count particles. For counting select Plugin and then Count, after that set parameters and Count.

Our cameras provide high image quality, and they are entirely suitable for numerous applications in research, in biomedical applications, material science and technology. The CCD camera has a "Wide Lux" feature. This largely compensates for changes in brightness that are due to changes in magnification and diaphragm aperture. These CCD cameras also have a "High Sensitivity" feature to compensate for a wide range of light-attenuating accessories, such as a dark-field" condenser, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence microscopy.

All of these cameras come with USB2.0 cable, driver software and sleeve adapters for inserting the camera into 30mm or 30.5mm tubes, which are commonly used with stereo microscopes.

Connecting a camera to the microscope: digital cameras for microscopy are usually connected to a microscope by one of two means: Cameras with an integral eyepiece are inserted into the phototube of a trinocular microscope (ready to receive an eyepiece), or they can be inserted into one of the viewing eyepiece tubes after an eyepiece is removed.
Alternatively the microscope has a C-mount adapter in lieu of the phototube. The C-mount camera has a thread which connects to the top of the C-mount adapter.

Photo magnification is affected not only by the microscope and C-mount/ camera eyepiece, but also by the camera chip and the size of the computer screen. Most microscopists would aim for a magnification which is larger, but less than double the viewing magnification. Compared with the settings for the viewed magnifications, our cameras, using a 0.5x C-mount/ eyepiece and displayed on a 22" screen, average magnifications 1.9x greater in full screen mode and 1.4x in working mode.

Particularly using macro photography or stereoscopes, a 1x C-mount is another means to obtain higher magnifications. A 1x C-mount used with a compound microscope and oil-immersion, results in several thousand times magnifications. Conventional microscopy is limited by the wavelength of light; magnifications above 1000x are increasingly blurred, and magnifications above 2000x have no merit. A 0.3x C-mount obviously results in lower magnifications, which can be useful, but in some systems may cause vignetting.


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