Freezer hats (EMS)

Freezer hats are used for holding specimens in high pressure freezing equipment like Balzers, Leica, Cressington, RMC.  The planchet designs are shown in cross section. They are available in brass only. 

Planchet A has 2 chambers at 0.1 mm deep and 0.2 mm deep. 

Planchet B has 1 chamber at 0.3 mm deep. 

Using the two planchets, one on the other, in various combinations, permits deeper the cavity thicknesses as illustrated.  
The diameter of the hats is like a standard TEM grid: 3.05mm

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Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-05-2022
U71167-01 Freezer hats (EMS) Dual cavity, planchet A Pack/50 2 weeks AU $371.00
U71167-02 Freezer hats (EMS) Single cavity, planchet B Pack/50 2 weeks AU $412.00