High temperature carbon paste

Carbon flakes in an inorganic silicate solution for bonding resisting up to 2000 deg. C. The High Temperature Carbon Paste is aimed for applications where a conductive cement is needed which withstand temperatures up to 2000 deg. C.This paste is ideally suited for mounting specimens on hot stages for SEM , FESEM, XPS, ESCA, SIMS and AUGER systems. Also for applications where silver migration or a reaction with silver or nickel flakes could be a problem, this product would be an excellent alternative. Carbon content is 50-60% by weight in an inorganic silicate aqueous solution. Conductivity in cured state is 4.6 ohm/square/mil. Must be fully cured to achieve good conductivity and strong bond. Soluble in water to 260 deg. C. Cure schedule is: air dry at room temperature for 2-4 hours, step cure at 93 deg. C and final cure at 260 deg. C.

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I057 High temperature carbon paste 50g 2 weeks AU $130.00