Membrane boxes, PP

Store/ship/transfer delicate, sensitive articles between a soft, elastic double membrane.
Plastic containers with thin membranes top and bottom. The PU membranes deform around the enclosed object and hold it securely. Small or large products may be held firmly within various box sizes (larger sizes are available). May be used to store semiconductors, machine parts, electron microscopy parts or materials, and many other applications. H203 and H204-X are hinged. Box H203 is made of polypropylene which is not a clear plastic, but it has greater impact resistance than polystyrene.

H203 Membrane Box, 48mm, medium square

  • membrane area: 48 x 48mm
  • outside dimensions: 59 x 65 x 26.3mm H

Membrane boxes now at greatly reduced prices. Best storage for very delicate specimens with good, all round visibility.

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H203-DWS Membrane boxes, PP 58 x 58 x 25.8mm pack/2 In Stock AU $10.00 AU $21.00