Microtube rack, PP

Heavy-duty polypropylene microtube racks for 60 and 96 tubes can accommodate 0.5mL tubes on one side, 1.5mL and 2mL tubes on the other. They are also suitable for all volumes of most standard cryogenic vials or tubes of similar diameters up to 10.5mm. Overall dimensions have been extended in order to accommodate screw cap tubes and to improve placement and sample removal.
Holes are numbered for easy sample identification. Racks are can be frozen and autoclaved.

Cat. No. Colour Small hole Ø (mm) Large hole Ø (mm) Rack dimensions [L x W x H] (mm)
LD61-B Blue 8 10.5 210 x 73 x 24
LD61-O Orange 8 10.5
LD62-G Green 8.5 10.5 210 x 111 x 25
LD62-R Red 8.5 10.5
Code Title Style Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 24-05-2022
LD61-B Microtube rack, PP 60 tubes Blue Each In Stock AU $15.00
LD61-O Microtube rack, PP 60 tubes Orange Each In Stock AU $15.00
LD62-G Microtube rack, PP 96 tubes Green Each In Stock AU $16.00
LD62-R Microtube rack, PP 96 tubes Red Each In Stock AU $16.00