Pen light, UV


This pen light uses new solid-state LED technology to offer a portable source of UV light built into a slim attractive pen. This new technology has a number of significant advantages over older products using UV fluorescent tubes and light bulbs.


  • A more compact, rugged and easily portable product, perfect for fieldwork.
  • The 400nm output is just on the edge of the visible light spectrum, low enough to cause fluorescence yet inherently safer than lower UV wavelengths.
  • Much longer battery life eliminates the need for power cords and battery packs. Powered by only four button cell batteries (included).
  • Immediate output, no warm-up time.
  • Much lower cost.

Light source: high intensity InGaN LED
Wavelength: peak:400, Min:390, Max:410
Output power: 12,000 mW/M2
Optical rise time: 30 t, ns. Typical
Operating temperature: -4~176 deg. F
Dimensions: 135 x 10mm
Weight: 30g with batteries

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