Sedimentation cone, 1000mL

Transparent Imhoff-type sedimentation cone with moulded graduations and screw-cap at tip for ease of cleaning. Made of SAN (styrene acrylonitrile). Used for measuring solid matter in suspensions.
Stand is a separate item.
Made by VITLAB, Germany.

0-2mL = 0.1mL
2-10mL = 0.5mL
10-40mL = 1mL
40-100mL = 2mL
100-1000mL = 50mL

Rack, polymethyl methacrylate, dimensions 150 x 300 x 290mm, supports 2 cones.

Code Title Item Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 24-05-2022
H6-1000 Sedimentation cone, 1000mL Cone only each 3 in stock AU $84.00
H6-Rack Sedimentation cone, 1000mL Rack only each 1 in stock AU $206.00