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Specialty solution reservoir, ASPIRE-8, 25mL

Specialty solution reservoirs designed to make multi-channel pipetting as easy and efficient as possible

Our new ASPIR-8™ is the ideal reservoir for any lab utilising 8 channel pipettes. The strict inner dimensions are designed specifically for 8-channels, thus conserving space and reagent over its longer 12-channel counterparts. This thinner design minimises reagent exposure and usage. ASPIR-8 is the only reservoir that is tailor-made for your 8-channel instrument.

The 8PLUS4™ reservoir allows for multiple solutions in one reservoir for easy and diverse experimentation. The thin divider wall is strategically placed so that a 12-channel pipette can still be used effortlessly, making the 8PLUS4 one of the most versatile solution reservoirs on the market today.

Sterile = Individually wrapped

Non-sterile = Bulk pack

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 21-05-2022
EMS70496-01 Specialty solution reservoir, ASPIRE-8, 25mL Sterile Pack/100 2 weeks AU $259.00
EMS70496-02 Specialty solution reservoir, ASPIRE-8, 25mL Non-sterile Pack/100 2 weeks AU $157.00