SPM calibration specimens - 2DUTC

This traceable, Certified Standard is a select grade. Each standard is individually measured in comparison with a similar specimen calibrated at PTB. (PTB, Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstald, is the German counterpart of NIST). The uncertainty of single pitch value is typically ?1,4 nm (95% confidence interval). Multi-pitch measurements provide the usual square-root of N improvement in precision. Easy to use We recommended Model 150-2D because of its unique characteristics which make it especially easy to use. The specimen is durable and it allows you can scan in contact mode, offering you faster calibration and measurements. This is the only high resolution 2D calibration specimen we have seen that offers the following characteristics: 2-dimensional array for simultaneous calibration of X and Y axes. Pitch <500 nm. Array of pumps mean the image contrast is high even when the probe tip is slightly dull. High contrast in contact mode scans. The pattern covers the entire die so that you don't have to hunt for the scan area.

Code Title Surface Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-08-2022
EMS80126-2D SPM calibration specimens - 2DUTC unmounted Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS80126-2D-AFM SPM calibration specimens - 2DUTC AFM Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS80126-2D-PIN SPM calibration specimens - 2DUTC SEM Pin Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS80126-2D-X SPM calibration specimens - 2DUTC Choose mount Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote