Tubing, silicone

Soft, pliable and smooth laboratory tubing.
If several sales unit are ordered, the 12mm and 20mm ID tubing will be supplied as a continuous length.

Cat. No. Internal Ø (mm) External Ø (mm) Wall thickness (mm)
LT2-03-X 3 5 1
LT2-06-X 6 9 1.5
LT2-12-X 12 17 2.5
LT2-20-X 20 25 2.5

Tubing is supplied in continuous length to order.

Code Title ID Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 25-01-2022
LT2-03-X Tubing, silicone ID3mm per meter In Stock AU $19.00
LT2-06-X Tubing, silicone ID06mm per meter In Stock AU $22.00
LT2-12-X Tubing, silicone ID12mm per meter In Stock AU $23.00
LT2-20-X Tubing, silicone ID20mm per meter 4 weeks AU $29.00