Unisette tissue cassettes

Cassettes keep specimen safely submerged in liquid. Efficient flow-through slots. Snap-latch and hinge-lock design prevent early separation of base and lid and allows for one hand operation. Large labeling area on two sides of cassette. Anterior writing area is at 35 deg. angle. Sold in dispenser boxes of 500. Made of acetal polymer.

Pore size: 1mm square pores
Outside dimensions: 28.5 x 41 x 6.7mm (1.12" x 1.61" x 0.26")
Inside dimensions: 26 x 30 x 5mm (1.02" x 1.18" x 0.2")

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 28-11-2021
RTP27400-3A Unisette tissue cassettes Green Each 4 weeks AU $263.00
RTP27400-5A Unisette tissue cassettes Blue Each 4 weeks AU $263.00
RTP27400-2A Unisette tissue cassettes Pink Each 4 weeks AU $263.00
RTP27400-1A Unisette tissue cassettes White Each 4 weeks AU $263.00