Gold Nanoparticles

The Gold Nanoparticles offered by Spherotech are designed for achieving high efficiency and maximum sensitivity in chemical, bioanalytical, biomedical, optical and nanotechnological applications. Spherotech has developed a new technique for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles which allows for the control the size, shape and monodispersity. Our ability to control these attributes is critical for many applications in life sciences diagnostics, imaging, and therapeutics.

To help our customers accelerate the development and optimization of their nanoapplications Spherotech offers Citrate Gold Nanoparticles, Biotin Coated Gold Nanoparticles, Streptavidin Gold Nanoparticles, T25 DNA Gold Nanoparticles, and Custom Coated Gold Nanoparticles such as Aptamer, Antibody, scFV. PEG & DNA upon request.

Code Title Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Availability Price
QTAuP-002-1 Biotin Gold Particles, 3.0nM, 15-20nm 1mL 4 weeks AU $677.00
QTAuP-002-5 Biotin Gold Particles, 3.0nM, 15-20nm 5mL 4 weeks AU $1,718.00
QSVAuP-002-1 Streptavidin Gold Particles, 15-20nm, 3.0nM 1mL 4 weeks AU $677.00
QSVAuP-002-5 Streptavidin Gold Particles, 15-20nm, 3.0nM 5mL 4 weeks AU $1,718.00
QAuP-002-20 Citrate Gold Particles, 15-20nm 1.0nM 20mL 4 weeks AU $298.00
QAuP5-002-20 Citrate Gold Particles, 15-20nm 5.0nM 20mL 4 weeks AU $578.00