Test tubes, PP

Rimless test and centrifugation tubes. Manufactured from virgin polypropylene. These rimless tubes can withstand centrifugation speeds over 3000xg and temperatures up to 121 deg. C.

Code Title Volume Dimensions Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 28-11-2021
LCB12-03 Test tubes, PP 3mL 12x60mm pack/500 In Stock AU $24.00
LCB12-05 Test tubes, PP 5mL 13x75mm pack/500 3 in stock AU $24.00
LCB12-08 Test tubes, PP 8mL 13x100mm pack/250 In Stock AU $24.00
LCB12-14 Test tubes, PP 14mL 16x100mm pack/250 In Stock AU $29.00