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Carbol fuchsin, strong stain (DG)

Carbol fuchsin is a ready-made liquid concentrate to stain acid-fast bacteria (TB and M. leprae)

Strong (Ziehl Neelsen) stain.

Contains 1% Basic Fuchsin and 5% Phenol, aqueous. Also available: 5 litres - ask.

Shelf-life of carbol fuchsin is near indefinite, but particularly the strong, and, to a lesser extent, the dilute carbol fuchsin are prone to re-precipitate when cold. This could happen during transit overnight, or with time and moderately cool temperatures. It is simple to return the precipitate into solution by heating the stain in a microwave oven to about 60 deg. C and shaking the bottle. As for most stains it is wise to filter before use.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 03-07-2022
ACF-500 Carbol fuchsin, strong stain (DG) 500mL 3 weeks AU $73.00