Rinzl plastic coverslips

Rinzl plastic coverslip are made from clear vinyl plastic. They are unbreakable and will not scratch or cut fingers.  Used widely in biological and medical labs. 


  • Thickness 0.28mm
  • Refractive index of glass
  • Not autofluorescent

G52-1818  Coverglass, square, 18 x 18mm 

G52-2222  Coverglass, square, 22 x 22mm

G52-2450  Coverglass, rectangular, 24 x 50mm

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-01-2022
G52-1818 Rinzl plastic coverslips 18x18mm pack/100 In Stock AU $17.00
G52-2222 Rinzl plastic coverslips 22x22mm pack/100 In Stock AU $19.00
G52-2450 Rinzl plastic coverslips 24x50mm pack/100 1 in stock AU $20.00